The Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan (Fudosan Ryutsu Keiei Kyokai or FRK), established in 1970, is leading public association of real estate agents. Its consisting members are major and medium-sized housing manufacturers and real estate companies that focus on real estate marketing activities. FRK has been engaged in operations such as providing real estate information in order to facilitate and modernize real estate marketing. FRK will continually engage in contribution for the sound development of real estate transaction market and improvement of housing proactively, responding to the needs of consumers through various operations.


FRK has been established for the purpose of promotion of public interest and contribution to the development of real estate industry by vitalizing real estate transaction market and optimizing/ facilitating real estate transactions


To achieve above-stated purpose, FRK conducts following business operations;

  1. Research, study and proposal for real estate transactions and related regulations
  2. Diffusion and enlightenment of real estate transactions and consultancy for consumers
  3. Operations which promote optimized real estate transactions
  4. Promotion for collection/offer of real estate listing information and operation for cooperation/facilitation
  5. Operation of education/enlightenment for real estate employees
  6. Other necessary operations which are required to fulfill the purpose of FRK

Above stated business operations are to be conducted in whole country of Japan.

Branch Network

The function of FRK is to promote development of information network and exchange of real estate information. Members of FRK can obtain various kinds of information through the Headquarters and six branch offices.

Overseas Partner Organizations

FRK has also created international partnerships with several organizations.

Research Data

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